Vocalist / Bassist / Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist
J P Michaels, hales from Connecticut and is a versatile professional musician that primarily focuses on Bass guitar and Lead Vocals. He has written music for bands, movies, television shows, video games, TV and radio commercials. He now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he performs with various bands and continues to be in demand for live music and session work. These are his current projects and bands he performs in. Please check the "Tour" page for show dates.




Jason Constantine and JP Michaels have known each other the last 2 years. They have shared the stage together multiple times at different points during benefits and fund raisers. Michael Maysonet was playing with JP in Vinyl Tattoo occasionally and talked about working together on original material. David Reed Watson and Jason had been talking about working together when David made the move to Las Vegas. JP and Jason knew David, and JP knew Michael, so Electric Messiah was formed. This "marrage" of great musicians create music like noone else. Its solid, dark, progressive rock that screams for your attention. Just check out some of their videos and see for yourself why they're the most talked about band in Las Vegas.




Frank DiMino fronts this group of seasoned professionals with his own style of rock vocal delivery. DiMino has a history of experience that extends far beyond his years with the epic band Angel.

Oz Fox has performed around the globe as guitarist and backing vocalist for the band Stryper and has a respectable fan base that is always on the lookout for what he is doing.

JP Michael's rocks the bass guitar lines solid and virtuous. Michael's has a musical history that can outshine most musicians in the circuit and is best known for being the bassist and lead vocalist of Rubicon.

Scot Coogan has slammed the drums for Ace Frehley Band (Original KISS Guitarist), Brides of Destruction (with Nilkki Sixx - Motley Crue & Traci Guns) and Lynch Mob (George Lynch - Dokken) just to name a few and is the perfect fit for this all star line-up.

Vinyl Tattoo delivers classic rock the way it should be. Solid, tight and precise.


What can be said about this tribute band but " Is that Tom Petty?" J P Michaels straps on the "Tele" and "Rick" while putting on the Gainesville accent as he transforms himself into Tom Petty. Z Maddox plays all the guitar parts with accuracy while Lez Warner brings up the low end on bass. Fred Benzi plays the "keys" and Peter Dallas keeps the drum beats on time. If you're a Tom Petty fan you won't be disappointed by the next best thing. "You Got Lucky"


Other bands J P plays in as a substitute bassist and backing vocalist.

Rok Of Ages plays all your "80s" and "90s' rock favorites.

Sweet Home Alabama is a Lynard Skynard tribute that plays all their hits. "Sweet"!


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