Vocalist / Bassist / Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

J P has been in many bands throughout the years in different capacities.

Here you will find past and present recordings he has performed on.

Back in the late 80's on the East Coast, KAOS was the "band to book" in all the hot venues. They quickly had a reputation of having a "Kickass" show, so it became their slogan (Kicks Ass On Stage). RAD (Rock Against Drugs) had petitioned KAOS to do a summer tour for them that started at Hubbell Park in Meriden CT. The Record Journal and McDonalds stepped in to sponsor the event as well and the show was recorded and distributed through RoadRacer Records and launched KAOS's career. KAOS continued to do PCA's for RAD occasionally throughout the year for radio and television spots while also playing to packed houses and sold out shows.

KAOS is:

J P Michaels; Lead Vocal / Keyboards

Nikki Pinto; Bass Guitar / B U Vocal

Steve Bogaert; Guitar / B U Vocal

Tom Eric; Drums / B U Vocal

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