Vocalist / Bassist / Composer / Multi-Instrumentalist

J P has been in many bands throughout the years in different capacities.

Here you will find past and present recordings he has performed on.

Rubicon reformed in the early 90's as a progressive rock band with one original member from the late 70's band that had hit single in 1978. This version of Rubicon produced one CD called Rubicon - Rhythm Of Love and produced a single written by J P Michaels and Crenshaw, that was played on many radio stations nationally and gained recognition among independent critics.

Rubicon is:

J P Michaels; Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals / Bass Guitar

Check Crenshaw; Keyboards

David Christians; Lead Vocals / Backing Vocals / Lead Guitar

Randy Newhouse; Rhythm / Acoustic Guitar

Greg Eckler; Drums


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